Redrem mining operations

As the possibilities to own a stretch of natural coast are becoming scarce, people now want to have own ponds. A pond allows you to enjoy the pleasures of water as well as increases land value.

Earthwork must be done with special responsibility and therefore, our company Redrem Kasyba UAB offers only high-quality services at a reasonable price. Our professionals will assess the situation in your land site and give advice on how to fulfil your dream. We perform all digging and levelling work: cleaning, deepening and digging new ponds, artificial water bodies (of various size, depth, shape and in most complex places), clean neglected land plots, build drive-ins and create the landscape desired by the clients. We also consult on digging ponds, obtaining permits and landscaping; we arrive to the site free of charge and provide comprehensive information. We work in Lithuania and beyond.

Tips on building a pond

First, consider the place, size, shape and depth of the pond. These factors are directly related to the size and layout of your site: the pond must fit harmoniously in the environment. If you intend to plant blossoming plants close to the water, we do not recommend building a pond. Falling leaves and other plants may litter up your pond, which will make swimming an unpleasant experience. You will need to put it additional work to clean it. If you have small children, choose a place that is visible out of the window or balcony of the house. This will allow you to enjoy a nice view as well as ensure the safety of your children. If the pond is deep, a shallower coast for children or a protective fence may be useful. After you decide about the type and place of the pond, the next step is obtaining a permit. If the area of the pond does not exceed 10 ares, a permit is not required. A larger pond will require a permit from the local government or environmental authority. Moreover, a pond must meet the Requirements for Building Artificial Water Bodies adopted in 2012, i.e., when building a pond, you must ensure that protected trees are not cut down or otherwise destroyed (unless you have a permit to cut them down), protected shape of relief is not destroyed or irreversibly changed and habitats of protected plants, mushrooms or animals are not exposed to negative effects. An artificial pond must be built away from potential sources of pollution, e.g., manure storage facilities or barns – the distance between sources of pollution and the pond must be at least 10 metres. However, in farms this distance may be a bit smaller.

And last but not least – choose good diggers. Tempted by low price, people often have to pay twice the amount, when the pond needs to be redone. Good specialists will cooperate with you, answer all your questions, help solve the problems and you will not have to be bothered about anything else but enjoying the result.